Flawless Floorwork with Ruby DVD

Flawless Floorwork with Ruby DVD

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This DVD is designed as a practical guide to help you perform seamless floorwork. We ll begin with a comprehensive pilates based strengthening routine which will help you build and maintain the muscle control required for safe and beautiful floorwork. The strengthening routine takes you through the full range of muscles used in floorwork and guides you in proper alignment for longevity in joints and muscles.

We ll explore a variety of methods of descending to and ascending from the floor, for flawless and floating level changes. To do this we will rely heavily on the quadriceps and core building methods introduced in the strengthening routine.

The technique and layout section provides a variety of movements from classic to cutting edge, with a focus on core engagement and muscle control.

We ll go through a full body performance warm up which is designed to take place in costume since most of us get ready for shows in the back rooms of restaurants where we can t get down on the floor in our costume. There is also a costume tutorial to help troubleshoot common wardrobe malfunctions to ensure you ll have confidence and freedom of movement.

The combinations are designed to help you sequence the movements together. The basic combo brings together fluid transitions between accessible movements, isolations and layouts while the more advanced combo uses dynamic transitions and works with the music to create a dramatic routine.

There is also a live performance that will showcase a floorwork improvisation, with techniques developed on this DVD as well as universal floorwork stylization.