Iraqi Dance Intensive with Assala Ibrahim

Iraqi Dance Intensive with Assala Ibrahim

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When: November 3rd  12:00pm - 3:30pm
               November 4th  12:00pm - 3:30pm

* 2.5 hours of dance workshop and 1 hour of discussion per day*

Where: Pearl Studios NYC
                500 8th Avenue 3rd Floor
                New York NY 10018


This intensive weekend will give you opportunities to gain more understanding, solid training, and knowledge about Iraqi dance , its culture and its different dance styles. The roots of Iraqi dance lie in Mesopotamia (from the Greek, meaning 'the land between the two rivers), where the ritual dances were essential in Inanna and Ishtar temples. It is almost 5000 years old. Till today, Iraqi dance has some dance styles like Raqs El Kawliya that are still keeping this ritual and sacred spirit. We will take you on a dance journey to learn Banat Al Rief dance styles; the pioneer Kawliya dancers, the Khashaba dance, choobi Basrawi/ Khaleegi Dance JOIN US TO LEARN: -Raqs El Kawliya - Raqs Benat El Rief -Raqs El Khashaba -Raqs Basrawai/ Khaleeji -Choobi ( circle dance) - Iraqi music Rhythms - Lectures in Iraqi Dance history



Assala Ibrahim  

The Iraqi, Assala Ibrahim,  lived and danced in Switzerland for the past 15 years and since 2004 she has taught in Frauenfeld.

Oriental dance has been a constant companion of Assala, She was born in Basra City, Iraq and since her early childhood she had accompanied her mother who beautified and bedecked the women with jewelry for the henna night or the wedding, she observed how the women danced at these family festivities. The dance and the splendid colors of the costumes impressed her greatly. After completing her studies as a secondary school teacher in Baghdad Assala Ibrahim came to Switzerland in 1993 where, after graduating from business school, she worked for various international firms.Assala grew up with the Khashaba songs and dances. She is an active dance researcher, and her clear teaching concepts and unique dance style have made her one of the most sought-after dance instructors and performers worldwide. In her desire to prevent the authentic Khashaba dance from becoming a lost or forgotten art-form, she has throughout her career documented, reconstructed, and clarified the traditional dance steps and patterns. By doing so, she hopes to provide future dancers with a solid foundation which can then be used for creating new and modern interpretations of El Khashaba music. Understanding the relationship between the past and the present is an essential part of Assala’s teaching and she considers this knowledge a necessity for the dedicated student of this dance.

Assala began at first giving dance classes 2 evenings a week which eventually grew to take up all her time, her passion eventually becoming her career. She continued to dance in the east at family events, studied the history of the dance as well as completing studies in body work and breathing techniques. Since 2004, Assala has taught in her own school, Tanzatelier El Assale in Frauenfeld. Alongside her regular classes, Assala also gives workshops in Switzerland and abroad, training dancers to the highest level. Assale Ibrahim has developed Raqs Sharqi into a stage art, her authentic style leaving audiences impressed and enthusiastic. In the press she has been complimented on "the beauty of her graceful, flowing, earthy, sensual and fiery repertoire of movements" and her "unique stage presence". She received a great deal of support and praise for her Munagat tour in 2007.

Her recipe for success "I fill my life with dance and my dance with life".