Ya Helwa	- Gizira Band

Ya Helwa - Gizira Band

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Cairo's Gizira Band performs authentic bellydance music of various genres such as: Modern, Fusion, Percussion, Tarab, Balady, Saidi, Remix, and Classical recorded in Cairo, and features renowned Egyptian musicians.

1Nawaem (6:52) Modern Egyptian Fusion
2Ghaneyt Ashanak (4:12) Modern Egyptian
3Tabla Min Zaman (3:36) Drum Solo
4Ya Awwad Alla (7:04) Egyptian Tarab
5Baladi Ya Wad (4:52) Fast Accordion Balady
6Ghina Li Raks (7:15) Modern Egyptian
7Saidi Party (3:22) Folk Mizmar
8Ishtaktillak Remixed (4:41) Club Mix by RO-JE
9El Hakkale (2:41) Modern Egyptian
10Al Ward Ya Salam (3:44) Modern Egyptian/Tarab
11Da Haram Ya Zaman (5:02) Baladi Classic

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